Top 5 Solutions To Deal with Hard Water Problems

The problem of hard water is a common one that affects most homes. The term simply refers to water that contains minerals. There are possible solutions to this problem of hard water – chemical cleaners, a conventional water softening system, rock salt and an electronic or magnetic descaler.

Chemical Cleaners

Various chemical cleaning products are available to deal with the problem after it occurs. Designed in dissolving the residue that hard water leaves behind, these products must be used regularly. Not only are chemical cleaners a lot of work, requiring frequent scrubbing, they also cause water pollution problem.

Conventional Water Softening System

Water is treated before it enters the home with a conventional water softening system. Put at the main supply of water, these systems are the most expensive alternative, requiring initial buying and installation and a monthly supply of salt. Due to excess sodium content, softened water may not be suitable for drinking.

Electronic or Magnetic Descaler

Although magnetic versions are available, an electronic water descaler is much more effective. This device attaches to the main water supply pipe and uses audio or radio frequencies to prevent mineral build-up without the use of salt or chemicals. Audio frequencies are most effective and do not interfere with tv or radio reception.

Rock salt

This is one of the cheapest method available, but you’ll often have too wash your water softener because it is by far the dirtiest alternative. Solar salt is a bit in between. While evaporated salt is the best and cleanest method but also the most expensive one. Nowhere does salt works to clean your water is that in your tank you will have negatively charged plastic beads that are bonded with salt. When the hard water passes through these beads, the salt will replace the calcium and magnesium.

Water Softener Machine

This will recommend a particular type of salt you should keep this in heavy consideration when picking the best type of salt for you. Furthermore, keep in mind that if you use rock salt, you’ll probably have to clean up at least three times a year to make sure your softening water system is performing adequately. You will also often have to replace the salt, a process called “regenerating” in your user manual.

Top 5 Underrated Hollywood Movies of all time

So many movies get released on a daily basis that it is impossible to watch all or even to keep a track. So many times it happens that only the movie with famous cast gets the attention whereas many movies with amazing stories go unnoticed. Just because the cast is new or director is new or the movie is not popular enough does not mean the movie is not good enough. Because of this, many movies go underrated. But if you like to see actually good movies and you go for the story and not specifically for the cast then movie apps are just for you.

Movie apps like ShowBox and Movie Box stream every variety of movies for you. Not only the app is for free but streaming and downloading and watching is for free too. So here is the link to download ShowBox App for PC so that you can watch underrated amazing movies like –

The Red Violin


This movie revolves around the journey of a red violin. From the time of its birth till it finally falls into the hands of Samuel L. Jackson, an expert appraiser. This movie is a classic form of entertainment for music fans. The story is based on the time in the 17th century in Italy.


This is a sci-fi thriller. The story is based on two astronauts who wake up in an abandoned aircraft. They have no memory of who they are. So many questions are there. Where are they? How did they get there? Are only the two of them there or is there someone else too?

Stranger Than Fiction


This is a fiction movie. Emma Thompson is a struggling writer and she is narrating the life of her main character, Will Ferrell. She is not aware of the fact that her main character can hear her. He hears her plans and starts acting on its own to avoid his death in ways Emma plans them. Will she realize what is going on? Will the character succeed?

A Goofy Movie

This movie might seem like a strange suggestion but is a must watch for all teenagers and their parents. Goofy is a father who only wants one thing, to be a part of his son’s life. But his son is a teenager so all he is doing is trying to push his father away and o do that he starts to lie to him. Goofy does not want to be shut out from his son’s life. In this movie, we get to see the parent’s point of view but we all also understand what it feels like to be a teenager.

The Fall


A bedridden man befriends a little girl in a hospital. As their friendship grows he starts to tell her a story. He tells her a tale involving heroes and villains in exotic places. Little does the girl know that the story is interconnected with his own sad tale.