Top 5 Solutions To Deal with Hard Water Problems

The problem of hard water is a common one that affects most homes. The term simply refers to water that contains minerals. There are possible solutions to this problem of hard water – chemical cleaners, a conventional water softening system, rock salt and an electronic or magnetic descaler.

Chemical Cleaners

Various chemical cleaning products are available to deal with the problem after it occurs. Designed in dissolving the residue that hard water leaves behind, these products must be used regularly. Not only are chemical cleaners a lot of work, requiring frequent scrubbing, they also cause water pollution problem.

Conventional Water Softening System

Water is treated before it enters the home with a conventional water softening system. Put at the main supply of water, these systems are the most expensive alternative, requiring initial buying and installation and a monthly supply of salt. Due to excess sodium content, softened water may not be suitable for drinking.

Electronic or Magnetic Descaler

Although magnetic versions are available, an electronic water descaler is much more effective. This device attaches to the main water supply pipe and uses audio or radio frequencies to prevent mineral build-up without the use of salt or chemicals. Audio frequencies are most effective and do not interfere with tv or radio reception.

Rock salt

This is one of the cheapest method available, but you’ll often have too wash your water softener because it is by far the dirtiest alternative. Solar salt is a bit in between. While evaporated salt is the best and cleanest method but also the most expensive one. Nowhere does salt works to clean your water is that in your tank you will have negatively charged plastic beads that are bonded with salt. When the hard water passes through these beads, the salt will replace the calcium and magnesium.

Water Softener Machine

This will recommend a particular type of salt you should keep this in heavy consideration when picking the best type of salt for you. Furthermore, keep in mind that if you use rock salt, you’ll probably have to clean up at least three times a year to make sure your softening water system is performing adequately. You will also often have to replace the salt, a process called “regenerating” in your user manual.

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