Top 5 Underrated Hollywood Movies of all time

So many movies get released on a daily basis that it is impossible to watch all or even to keep a track. So many times it happens that only the movie with famous cast gets the attention whereas many movies with amazing stories go unnoticed. Just because the cast is new or director is new or the movie is not popular enough does not mean the movie is not good enough. Because of this, many movies go underrated. But if you like to see actually good movies and you go for the story and not specifically for the cast then movie apps are just for you.

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The Red Violin


This movie revolves around the journey of a red violin. From the time of its birth till it finally falls into the hands of Samuel L. Jackson, an expert appraiser. This movie is a classic form of entertainment for music fans. The story is based on the time in the 17th century in Italy.


This is a sci-fi thriller. The story is based on two astronauts who wake up in an abandoned aircraft. They have no memory of who they are. So many questions are there. Where are they? How did they get there? Are only the two of them there or is there someone else too?

Stranger Than Fiction


This is a fiction movie. Emma Thompson is a struggling writer and she is narrating the life of her main character, Will Ferrell. She is not aware of the fact that her main character can hear her. He hears her plans and starts acting on its own to avoid his death in ways Emma plans them. Will she realize what is going on? Will the character succeed?

A Goofy Movie

This movie might seem like a strange suggestion but is a must watch for all teenagers and their parents. Goofy is a father who only wants one thing, to be a part of his son’s life. But his son is a teenager so all he is doing is trying to push his father away and o do that he starts to lie to him. Goofy does not want to be shut out from his son’s life. In this movie, we get to see the parent’s point of view but we all also understand what it feels like to be a teenager.

The Fall


A bedridden man befriends a little girl in a hospital. As their friendship grows he starts to tell her a story. He tells her a tale involving heroes and villains in exotic places. Little does the girl know that the story is interconnected with his own sad tale.

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